Course Description

Minnesota is a “shall-issue” state for right to carry permits, meaning that permits must be issued to any qualified applicant. However, the state is not a conceal-and-carry state; permits are required for carrying openly. Permits are issued by county sheriffs at a cost of up to $75. To obtain a permit, applicants must successfully complete a firearms safety course within one year of their application for a permit and undergo a criminal background check.

Persons in Minnesota who are not issued permits include those younger than the age of 21, those prohibited from possessing guns by federal law, such as convicted felons, those listed in the state’s criminal gang investigation system, those who have been convicted of assaulting a family member within three years, and those who have been convicted of a drug-related misdemeanor.

MNGunCarry + Range covers all of the basic safety and shooting fundamentals that you need know and understand to safely carry a firearm in the state on Minnesota. Starting with this hybrid course and followed by a live fire exercise. This class meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.

MNGunCarry + Range Hybrid Course is great for both first time students as well as those just looking to renew their permits! This class is designed for a beginner; there are no prerequisites for taking this class. After the course, there will be a live fire exercise scheduled that consists of shooting 25 rounds approximately 21 feet away. Student must shoot %70 to pass the course. An additional 5 rounds may be used to practice and ensure the proper handling of a firearm.

– Basic Safety principles
– Proper shooting fundamentals
– Anatomy of a firearm
– Ethics
– Home defense
– The use of deadly force
– Police encounters
– Aftermath of a shooting
– The permit itself and how to obtain it
– Live fire exercise

– Handgun of any caliber (Instructor can also provide at a gun at no charge)
– 1 box (at least 30 rounds of ammunition for personal gun) (or $15 to purchase ammo for provided pistol)
– Eye and ear protection (can also be provided)
– Valid I.D.


– Guns and ammunition rental can be provided at $15 per student.
– We will supply at no charge: eye & ear protection, targets, class materials.

Anthony Darst

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Basic Safety Principals

    • Basic Safety Principals

  • 3

    Proper Shooting Fundamentals

    • Proper shooting Fundamentals

  • 4

    Anatomy of a Firearm

    • Anatomy of a Handgun

  • 5

    How to Handle a Firearm Safely

    • How to Handle a Firearm Safely

  • 6


    • Ethics

  • 7

    Home Defense

    • Home Defense

  • 8

    The Use of Deadly Force

    • The Use of Deadly Force

  • 9

    Police Encounters

    • Police Encounters

  • 10

    What to do After a Shooting

    • What to do After a Shooting

  • 11

    The Permit Itself and How to Obtain it

    • The Permit Itself and How to Obtain it

  • 12

    MN State Statutes to Know

    • MN State Statute 624.714

    • MN State Statute 609.065

  • 13

    Live Fire Exercise

    • At the Range

  • 14


    • Test

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